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Digital Single Colour Portrait Sketch 
Custom Protrait Sketch from Photo - Digital Art File Only

Welcome to my digital single colour sketch service. Using ipad procreative software to create beautiful and unique art that is realistic in style and uses a single colour to bring images to life. My sketches make great additions to any room or social media feed, and are perfect for personalized gifts. I offer custom sketches from photos, and provide a high-quality digital file for you to save, print, or share online.

Colour:purple or blue or brown or dark red
Materials:Ipad procreate
Output files:Jpeg, pdf , DIGITAL ONLY, no physical

Terms & Conditions

  1. Please ensure that you appreciate Siu Ming’s unique hand-painted style prior to placing an order. Once an order has been placed, no modifications, returns, or exchanges are permitted.

  2. In the absence of a sketch modification confirmation, the sketch will differ from the photo.

  3. Please keep in mind that the clearer the photo, the better the drawing will be. If the photo contains multiple subjects, please let us know which subject you would like to highlight in the sketch.

  4. All paintings will be created only upon receipt of payment.

  5. Upon completion of the sketch, we will send you a digital file in a high-resolution format that can be saved, printed, or shared online.

  6. ​Please note that colours may vary slightly between digital devices and printed versions of the sketch.

  7. The painting will bear the signature of Siu Ming and the date of completion.

  8. The painting will be posted as an example on Siu Ming Art’s Instagram, Pinkoi profile, Etsy and website to serve as a reference.

  9. Other examples of Siu Ming Art’s painting style can be found on IG: siu_ming_art or on this website.

  10. Specific request: Negotiable

  11. Keep smiling!


  1. Please send a high-resolution photo of the half-body to my inbox, with clear visibility

  2. Our representative will review your chosen photo and colour, then contact you to confirm the details and process the payment.

  3. After confirming the photo and the chosen colour, we will start drawing and the artwork will be completed within 14 days.

  4. After the artwork is finished, we will provide you with a high-quality digital file in both JPEG or PDF format.

Price List

no. of ppl            Price   
  • No Background

  • Half-body Portrait Sketch

  • The chosen colour options are purple, blue, brown, dark red, or any other colour that you prefer.

  • Specific request: Negotiable


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Thank you for your order!!

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