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Artist Siu Ming

About Siu Ming

Hong Kong artist currently based in the United Kingdom. Siu Ming is a passionate artist with a versatile set of skills. He excels in sketching, drawing comics, watercolour painting, oil painting, and sculpting.

Siu Ming has a distinctive painting style that evokes powerful emotions, creating heartwarming mementos that speak louder than words. He finds joy in drawing trees and admiring their silhouettes, impressed by their strength and vitality.

In his watercolour paintings, Siu Ming skillfully combines realistic and comic techniques to capture every detail of the characters or pets he portrays. His mastery of the flowing beauty of watercolour transforms ordinary art pieces into refreshing works of art.

The Genesis of Siu Ming Art

Art is life. Painting is a huge part of my life. It connects me with my inner self, as well as with others and the world.


I created Siu Ming Art in hopes of sharing my artwork and my vision with others, providing custom-made services for commissioned artworks and sells my unique pieces. Besides building a profession with my strength, my biggest dream is to introduce the idea of art to every household through my paintings. Accommodating art pieces in small spaces simply creates a homey atmosphere that brings joy to everyday life.

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