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Travel Sketching

2023.08 I had a wonderful time at the Warrington Art Group Plein Air session in The New Roots Garden.

2023.07 Travel Sketching: Oxford University, Oxford, UK

2023.06 Sketched in Walton Hall and Gardens​, Warrington, UK

2023.05 Sketched in Victoria Park, Warrington, UK
A bare tree evokes the beauty in its simplicity, capturing the essence of nature’s cycles and the raw simplicity of life.

2023.03 Travel Sketching:
Matlock Bath, Derby, UK

2023.05 Sketched in Norton Priory Museum & Garden,Warrington, UK

2023.03 Travel Sketching:
Wollaton Hall and Deer Park , Nortingham
, UK

2022.09 An anniversary celebration took place at Rosewood Hong Kong, where the Victoria Harbour skyline was depicted using an iPad.

2019.12 Urban Sketch: Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, Hong Kong. The most daunting aspect of sketching is onlookers and impolite criticism.

2019.12 Urban Sketch: Capturing the cityscape at Sha Tin New Town Plaza in Hong Kong.

2018.01 Travel Sketching: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium surroundings. Drew while looking at islands across the water. It was very windy.

2018.01 Travel Sketching: Arashiyama's Togetsukyo Bridge, Japan. Cold weather limited to quick sketch; refined back at accommodation.
旅行寫生:日本嵐山渡月橋,天氣寒冷,手已經彊硬,只能速寫 返回民宿再加工。

2018.01 sketched at Mt. Misen's summit in Miyajima, Japan. In -10°C, watercolors froze—unforgettable experience.

2018.01 Visited Japan's Itsukushima Shrine Grand Torii. Awe-inspiring. Stayed four days, sketched the majestic structure from different angles.
日本厳島神社大鳥居 ,被其宏偉的景色深深震撼,逗留四天,以不同的角度描繪這座壯觀的大鳥居。

2018.01 Sketched in Onomichi, Japan: Overlooked scenic mountains and rivers from the summit of Senko-ji.

2018.01 sketched at Japan's Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, a profound reflection on history.

2017.04 sketched Hong Kong's Treasure Kingdom. Note: On June 20, 2022, at 9 p.m., Treasure Palace Seafood Boat sank in the western Pacific, becoming history.

2017.02 Sketching at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto, Japan.

2017.01 Sketching in Hong Kong's Paitou Village, Sha Tin. Sat at an open-air restaurant, enjoyed delicious pizza, and sketched a vendor's umbrella.

2017.02 Travel Sketching: Kyoto's Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Cold weather limited me to a 30-minute sketch; further work done back at accommodation.

2017.02 Travel Sketching: Japanese meal in Arashiyama. Cold weather stiffened hands; only a quick sketch possible. Refinement done back at accommodation.
旅行寫生:日本嵐山的一間食事,天氣寒冷,手已經彊硬,只能速寫 返回民宿再加工。

2015.10 Travel Sketching: Hoshun-in at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto, Japan.

2015.10 Travel Sketching: Umeda, Japan - Capturing the scenic views from the Umeda Sky Building Observatory.
旅行寫生:日本梅田 : 空中庭園景觀

2015.10 Travel Sketching: Osaka Castle, Japan

2015.11 Travel Sketching: Osaka Port, Japan. Captured the sunset's beauty during this sketching expedition.

2015.10 Travel Sketching: A maple tree in front of Kyoto's Heian Shrine, Japan.

2015.10 Travel Sketching: Arashiyama, Japan - By the Togetsukyo Bridge

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